The Essence of Love

"Love is a two way door If one openth it another shall too But if one shall openth it and the other not, The love will clearly rot. Peace and happiness are of one nature, You cannot have one without the other. Your love is true when you see it through But not when you... Continue Reading →


"I cease to exist in the eyes of those I adore. Haven't I've been here once before? My heart breaks at such a thought. My flesh it seems was made to merely rot. As the years go by my body grows old. My heart as well seems to grow cold. I shouldn't feel this way... Continue Reading →

9/11 πŸ™πŸ½

Written in February 2017 "It started like just another day. You got dressed and went on your way. It never occurred to you things would soon change. Your life would never be the same. You would soon be fighting to stay alive. You would even be thinking of ending your life. You would be putting... Continue Reading →

Same Heartbeat

Written on July 25, 2018 "In a standstill With life moving around fast untethered Hardly having much time to think The very moment could be gone in a blink Mouths speak love endearing Eyes begin slowly tearing Hands grasping onto their anchor Feet pointed towards the future Heartbeats sound like a soothing melody Ears listen... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Mess

Written on July 23, 2018 "A halfway opened closet door Clothing strung out all over the floor She's sitting on her bed with her hands in her hair Trying so hard to catch a fresh breath of air She feels her world slowly breaking She tries to control her body's shaking He sits beside silently... Continue Reading →

Great Are You Lord

Written in May 2015 "He is real He is great He will be there for you and me All we have to do is believe He is strong when we are weak Call upon him and you will see How great he is to you and me" When I wrote this it was originally in... Continue Reading →

Monsters Amongst Us

Written in October 2017 "We check for monsters under our beds and in our closets, afraid of their wickedness. While some are walking amongst us, wrapped in human flesh. They imitate us so well. They have our minds warped into the nest of lies they tell. You'll never know you came in contact with one... Continue Reading →

Wherever There is Love There is Hope

Written in April 2016 "Some people don't know how to cope with battles they are facing so they turn to temporary bliss in the bottom of a bottle or in a cloudy fog. Eventually temporary turns into "permanent" or so they think. It's all in their head, "It makes me feel better" people say. It... Continue Reading →

Waiting to be Found

Written in November 2017 "She is looking for someone but no one is around. She is looking for someone to make a sound. A foot step it must be! Oh no! It's just a leaf. A leaf in the wind crushes her hope. How does she even cope? Her body is glowing but her eyes... Continue Reading →

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